Calling all Sid collectors! We have come up with a fun contest with an amazing prize.
Showcase your favourite tile and tell us why it is special to you. Was it a memorable housewarming present, a baby reveal or does it represent something significant ?
Email a photo of your favourite tile with a brief description as to why it is important to you to Your photo and write up will be shared on our Facebook page.

Your name will be entered into the draw for a special edition, one-of-a-kind Sid Dickens tile, plus your choice of one of the new 2017 Spring Inspirations in-store tiles.

Contest closes on March 6th and the winner will be announced on our Facebook page March 7th.

*Only one entry per person*
Entry #1

This tile is special to me because my wife and I used it for our baby's gender reveal. Portfolio Interiors' staff helped us keep the sex of our baby a secret by pre-wrapping the tile for us and allowing my wife and I to enjoy the surprise together.

Keith Sedgwick

Entry #2

This tile is very special to me. My husband and I found out we are having a baby girl and we couldn't be happier. We wanted to name her something special to honor both sides of our family, so we chose Lily.

Lily was my great grandmothers name, and her middle name will honor my husbands grandmother.

When I see this tile, I will always think of my baby girl.
Kaitlyn Johnston 

Entry #3

This memory block started off our collection in 2009. My parents gave it to us for a wedding gift. Before we even had a chance to put it up, it was dropped. It wasn't broken, it just needed a little TLC. So just like our marriage, it's not perfect and you can see the flaws, but it is, and always will be, my favourite... it sometimes just needs some extra TLC.

Emily Sedgwick 

Entry #4

For Me the Butterfly Symbolizes the Miracle of Transformation & always being able to freely adapt to our ever changing environment.
That is why when my ‘3’ children were very, very young I had three butterflies tattooed on my back in honour of my love for them.
In 2005 I purchased Sid’s Butterfly Tile (T-139, now retired) not only because I think it is beautiful but it seemed to me to be another perfect expression of my love for my ‘3’ children.
This tile holds a very special place in my heart and in my home!
Mary-Lee Holomay

Entry #5

I love this beautiful tile because I am a survivor of breast and brain cancer. I feel this Angel watches out for me. From the bottom of my heart I am forever grateful to this Angel of Hope for everything.

Michelle D.

Entry #6

One of my many favourite tiles. 14 years old! My husband and I always sent cards and letters to each other during our first year of marriage. I was living in Vancouver and he was in Ont. It's our postmark memories 💕

Thank you
Laura Arrowsmith 


My very first tile Friendship, Truth, Love is my favourite tile. My daughters and I were spending an afternoon together when we went into a shop that sold Sid Dickens tiles,now when I look at this tile it reminds me of all the special times spent with my girls.


Oh my, choosing a favourite tile is near impossible. Under duress, I choose this Sacred Lotus tile. I am doing my yoga teacher training and had had an emotionally overwhelming day. I came home to shouts of joy from my children telling me to look around the room. There on my mantle was this gorgeous tile from my husband. Later, as details unfolded, it turns out that during our lunch break, I had been talking with a fellow student about the tiles (our last name is King, so we have the King, Queen, Princess, and Prince tiles). At this exact time, my husband had wandered into a shop and seen this tile, that we had seen and loved from the new Spring 2017 collection, and bought it for me. Kismit. Fate. Interconnectivity. Whatever you want yo call it, it was a powerful connect between my husband and I and the tile will forever represent that.

Namaste, Arwyn